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Vishwajet Singh Rajora - Founder and CEO Pearl Organisation
Founder & CEO - Vishwajeet Singh Rajora
Vishwajeet Singh Rajora is the Founder and CEO of the company -
Pearl Organisation. Primarily a vision of the company was imagined in 2011 and accordingly Pearl Organisation was founded in 2017. Since 2011, he is working on different-different internet technologies and projects to get those tech-things which were never discovered before.
 He has 13+ years of rich experience in IT, B2B, C2C, B2C, Internet Sub-network, Payment Gateways, TLS & SSL Protocols, Internet Protocols, Server Protocols, Search Algorithms, SQL, Web Development & Designing and Teaching. He is a US based - CYBRARY IT INSTITUTE's certified member of SUBNETTINGHe has been awarded by many other ISO certified companies of INDIA for his skills.
Paramjeet Singh Rajora - CMO
CMO - Paramjeet Singh Rajora
Paramjeet Singh Rajora is the CMO(Chief Marketing Officer) of the company - Pearl Organisation. He joined the company in 2017. He has rich leadership experience in Products & Services Marketing and Business Strategy Development. He also ensures the company's security protocols. He has been awarded multiple times within the company for his excellence and valuable contributions in global business.
Chief Executive Vice President - Urja Rajora
Chief Executive Vice President - Urja Rajora
Urja Rajora is the Chief Executive Vice President of the company -
Pearl Organisation. She joined the company in 2017. She has rich leadership experience of Technology Development, Product Development Strategy and Business Development. She is a Six Sigma certified member since 2021. Being a one of the most valuable chief of the company, she is into a continuous business and technology development process and for the same she has been awarded globally for her contributions towards the industry and the company respectively.
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