Pearl Organisation - Key People

Vishwajet Singh Rajora - Founder and CEO at Pearl Organisation
Founder & CEO - Vishwajeet Singh Rajora
Vishwajeet Singh Rajora is the Founder and CEO of the company -
Pearl Organisation, it was founded in 2011. Since 2011, he is working on different-different internet technologies and projects to get those
tech-things which were never discovered before. He has 10+ years of rich experience in IT, B2B, C2C, B2C, Internet Sub-network, Payment Gateways, TLS & SSL Protocols, Internet Protocols, Server Protocols, Search Algorithms, SQL, Web Development & Designing and Teaching. He is a US based - CYBRARY IT INSTITUTE's certified member of SUBNETTINGHe has been awarded by many other ISO certified companies of INDIA for his skills.
Paramjeet Singh Rajora - CMO
CMO - Paramjeet Singh Rajora
Paramjeet Singh Rajora is the CMO(Chief Marketing Officer) of the company - Pearl Organisation. He has joined the company in 2017. He has rich leadership experience in Products & Services Marketing and Business Strategy Development. He ensures company security protocols also. 
Chief Executive Vice President - Urja Rajora
Chief Executive Vice President - Urja Rajora
Urja Rajora is the Chief Executive Vice President of the company -
Pearl Organisation. She has joined the company in 2017. She has rich leadership experience of Technology Development, Product Development Strategy and Business Development.