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Updated: Jan 1, 2020

Overview of "Advanced ERP Software" in Pearl Organisation


The Pearl Organisation deals with the Enterprise Resource Planning(ERP) software for the enterprises and for big data and supplies it to another business enterprise & big companies to manage their data on advance level.

The ERP software developed by the team of Pearl Organisation is capable of providing rich functionality for all the essential services like delivery of service, staffing, billing process for clients, management of the contacts, any kind of notification, analysis of the various processes.

It is even capable of providing updated calculations which help in increased profits & serve the clients more productively.


ERP stands for "Enterprise Resource Planning Software" which is a process management software for the business. It helps the organization in managing the business and also helps in the automation of various back-office functions that are related to technology, services, and human resources.

The ERP software provided by the Pearl Organisation is a solution for large service business software and helps the clients to manage and resource the business & service delivery.

It helps in smooth financial operations and makes it easy to analyze the performance of the business.

ERP is one of the latest technologies that provide real-time & objective views of the services. It contains transparency as needed by your company. You can even control your projects, other necessary works in a more effective manner by using the ERP software. It can easily be used in a wide range of services like consultancies, accountants, law firms, architecture practices, engineering, real estate companies, and many more.


  1. If it is taking a longer period of time for managing the daily activities, then ERP can be the best option as it will integrate solutions and all data into one system which will be the easier way for the communication of business units.

  2. There are many business questions like revenue per product, the number of returns that are difficult to answer. So, this can easily be addressed by the ERP software.

  3. Some business processes like inventory, customer satisfaction, and many more which can go away from your business. These processes can easily be handled by ERP.

  4. Likewise, there are many more challenges that can insist you to get a well-developed ERP software.


The ERP software that are developed by the developers of the Pearl Organisation provides multiple benefits to the customers who buy it.

Some of the great benefits of ERP software developed in Pearl Organisation which can be seen immediately:

ERP improves the process of productivity by allowing role-based exploration.

It helps in connecting the predicted needs for the services with the resources that are currently available.

It facilitates client segmentation so as to handle the opportunity for each client.

It is a great software that helps in managing the overall risk.

The entire process runs smoothly with the help of ERP.

The operational-cost degrades with the help of ERP.


The Pearl Organisation has been serving in the 45+ countries up to date and has a total of 890 happy clients.

The clients who took the ERP service from us are 37.

This means till now we have served 4.15% of happy clients around the globe with our best services of ERP.

Following is the list of countries where are living our happy clients:

  1. INDIA

  2. United States

  3. United Kingdom

  4. Canada

  5. Singapore

  6. Sweden

  7. Kuwait

  8. Afghanistan

  9. Indonesia

  10. South Africa

  11. China

  12. Japan

  13. Malaysia

  14. Australia

  15. Israel

  16. Jordan

  17. Spain

  18. Netherlands

  19. Thailand

  20. Brazil

  21. Philippines

  22. Vietnam

  23. Turkey

  24. Germany

  25. France

  26. South Korea

  27. Ukraine

  28. Iraq

  29. Morocco

  30. Yemen

  31. Hungary

  32. Greece

  33. Denmark

  34. Finland

  35. Oman

  36. New Zealand

  37. Mauritius

  38. Mexico

  39. Fiji

  40. Austria

  41. Macao

  42. Aruba

  43. UAE

  44. Ireland

  45. Virgin Island

  46. Hong Kong

  47. Slovakia