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Annual Report & Performance - 2021 | Pearl Organisation

Updated: Apr 19

"pearl organisation investor relations"

This report and its stats are related to investor relations purposes.

Financial Performance (Yr. 2020-21)

Revenue Generation:

For the year, we generated 383 lakhs of revenue, an incline of more than 500 percent from last year. The urgency for digital transformation continues to fuel momentum for our business. Our Digital Marketing, Designing & Development services revenue reach to 321 lakhs, and now represents over Three-fourth of our total revenue.

Total employee benefits expenditure has reached 121 lakhs. The increase is in line with business growth and increases in headcount. Other expenses reached 175 lakhs in line with revenue and mainly attributable towards Repair & Maintenance expenses, office expenses, Business Promotion expenses, lease rentals, and others.

Tax Performance System:

The declaration of our total tax contribution system (i.e, GST & TDS) brings together information about our tax paying policies and strategies in 2020.Taxes are collected on behalf of company, clients and service providers for paying our taxes promptly accordance with all applicable laws and regulations along with timely preparation of all appropriate documentation and filed with the relevant authorities.

  • 383 lakhs Revenue generated this year

  • 500 percent A surge from the last year

  • 321 lakhs Revenue from Digital Marketing, Tech. Designing & Development services

  • 121 lakhs Employee benefits expenditure

  • 175 lakhs Business promotions and other expenses


The organization is now subjected to employee benefit liabilities ,i.e, Employee Provident Fund (EPF) and Employee Staff Contribution (ESIC) . The steady increase in the liabilities has now framed better formulae for calculation of EPF and ESIC with extending staff group taking into consideration the minimum 20staff contribution .

Salary & Incentive Contribution:

On salary remittance to our employees , organization additionally pays healthcare premiums , referral as part of the cost of employment . monthly incentives is also rewarded along with salary disbursement as an appreciation part of working culture after deductions of no. of NPL and other short term leaves

Financial Statement:

Financial statements of the organization is, rebuilding our accounting principles and policies to measure net surplus or deficit (the difference between total revenue and total expenses). Preparation of these statements implies proceedings of revenues, expenses, payments, assets, liabilities and resolution of debtors and creditors with reliability. The organization generally holds it’s revenue and cash deposits in prompt bank accounts.

"pearl organisation investor relations"


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