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Know How Google Search Console is Good For Your SEO ➜

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Google Search Console was introduced in 2006 that was originally known as Google Webmaster Tool, was developed to assist website owners in constructing SEO-friendly web pages. It is a free tool that is widely used by website owners all over the world to have a better understanding of how to improve search results and monitor many important functions for your website.

What do we mean by Google Search Console?

Google Search Console is a free Google service that allows you to examine, manage, and boost your site's ranking in search results. Additionally, the Search Console isn't required to appear in Google Search results; however, it can help you understand and improve how Google sees your website.

Read these top reasons why you should use the Google search console right away:

  • Enhance the searchability of a website

Taking your business online expects that you are meant to be in the top searches of the search engines such as Google, Yahoo, etc. When you are using Google Search Console it helps you boost the search appearance of your website. It is an important part of any digital marketing plan. Moreover, it can show you how your pages appear in Google's SERP (search engine results page). You may also check for errors in titles, URLs, Meta descriptions, site linkages, and other areas.

  • HTML upgrades

Make the most of Google Search Console by improving your HTML. Take advantage of this opportunity to review your title tags. The title tag hierarchy should be followed when creating your pages. Look out for sure that there should only be one Title tag or H1. H2 to H6 should be used for the remaining headers.

  • Takes care of crawling

The crawling of a website is a necessary part of Search Engine Optimization. A crawler is a bot that crawls the internet and indexes stuff. Crawling your website will disclose a lot of information. Keep an eye on your crawl statistics and use Google Search Console to correct any crawl problems.

  • Learn about Google indexing

Indexing is an important part of SEO and Google search console can help you learn about the indexing process of Google. Use this tool to keep track of how many of your website's pages appear in Google's search results. Google Search Console can also be used to keep track of URLs that you don't want to be indexed. Using the information from the Google Index report, either remove undesired URLs from the index or work on contributing unindexed URLs to Google.

Get going on Google Search Console today:

Google Search Console is the best way to engage in your website and give it the required attention to promote your business by keeping a check on the activities of your website. This is one of the greatest methods to ensure that your SEO effort succeeds is to use Google Search Console, which allows you to study your website in the same way that Google's algorithms do. The sites that have been indexed, the quality links that boost your rankings, the most popular keywords, and so on are all determined by Google bots.



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